06 December 2017

Krayons Baby Gentle Range

I recently received a generous hamper from Krayons Baby and I must admit that I’m highly impressed. This brand is not only dermatologically approved and affordable but it’s also really amazing and I’ll definitely repurchase the whole range. I’m also in love with their brand new packaging! Here are my thoughts on it…

1. Krayons Baby Gentle Fragrance-Free Baby Petroleum Jelly

I like this fragrance free jelly as you can apply it on your baby’s bum without worrying that her skin will get irritated or burned by it. This tub contains Vitamin E that moisturized and softens dry skin. It has a great consistency that can be used by the whole family.

2. Krayons Baby Gentle Lightly Fragranced Petroleum Jelly

I’ve realized that I struggle to describe the smell of baby products so I’ll just call it that particular soft and cuddly baby smell found in most baby products. This jelly has that same lightly fragranced soft and cuddly baby smell that I love so much. I use it on Milania’s face and body after a bath and I also find that it’s really great to use on her somewhat dry and curly locks. It’s infused with Glycerine which is known for its abilities to soften hair and skin. I’m really fond of this jelly.

3. Krayons Baby Lightly Fragranced Soap

By now you must know that I’m really into soaps. The Krayons Baby soap may not be the best on the market but it’s high on my recommended list. It’s also infused with softening Glycerine and I love that it foams up likes there’s no tomorrow. When giving Milania a bath I always lather up her washcloth as fast as I can, where after I give her a gentle scrub, then allowing her to splash and play to her own free will. This little bar of soap also smells amazing, it is gentle and not drying on her soft baby skin at all. 

4. Krayons Baby Lightly Fragranced Aqueous Cream

The Krayons Aqueous Cream, the product I love most! It contains that same beautiful Glycerine and I love the fluffy almost mousse-like consistency. It basically melts into the skin leaving it soft, moisturized and delightfully fragranced. I love the overall smooth and soft consistency of the entire range, it’s easy to apply and I love that they all come in these practical, easy to handle pots. With pump action bottles you sometimes struggle to reach the bottom product, but with this tubs you know you’ll reach every last drop.

Prices start from about R9.95 for a 100 g bar of soap, to R36.95 for 475 ml of petroleum jelly.

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05 December 2017

The Beauty Desk: Essence, Avroy Shlain + Avon

As someone that needs help in the eyebrow department, I’ve been trying out my fair share of eyebrow enhancing products. Some products are too waxy, others too powdery, and then you get great pencils that are difficult to sharpen? Yes, that happens. Read on to see why I love the Essence eyebrow pencil, that and more goodies currently on my beauty desk.

1. Essence Designer Eyebrow Pencil

Eyebrows are tricky, you have to work according to the growth line of your own hair and you have to perfect the arch without going too much over the line. What I love about the Essence eyebrow pencil is that it’s light on application but buildable. Meaning that you can gradually work towards your desired effect. The creamy eyebrow pencil dries to give a natural finish and the handy application brush helps you blend the hairs to give you beautiful brows. I bought a brand new pencil about 2 weeks ago after I was left with a tiny little piece from my previous one that was well over 3 years I think. I still remember getting it from my late sister. It does last for ages and I was highly surprised that it was only R29.95 from Clicks when I checked the slip. What a bargain!

2. Avroy Shlain Colorful Moisturising Lipgloss in Hot Cocoa

I expected this lipgloss to be a little darker in colour as it appeared inside the Avroy Shlain brochure, but that happens and I’ve become really fond of it ever since. It does have a slightly sticky consistency which makes it really long-lasting. It is a sheer, light brown shade with a shimmery, glossy effect. You can apply more than one layer if you want a darker hue, I mostly use it when I’m going for the nude/no-makeup look. I paid R99.00 for it.

3. Avon Color Trend Nail Enamel in Limoncello + Juicy

I’ve always wanted to try out these two bright and summery shades. The yellow nail varnish (Limoncello) is so quirky and cute and I think the green shade (Juicy) goes well with the current tropical fashion trend that I love so much. You’ll receive glossy, smooth colour with just one coat but it’s obviously always best to apply two coats for a longer lasting effect. I’m a little disappointed that I only got 2 days wear out of it before it started to chip but it makes me feel a little better to know only paid R65.00 for the 2.

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03 December 2017

2 Things Motherhood Taught Me Thus Far

My little girl will celebrate her 2nd birthday this coming January, I can’t believe it at times but it’s true. Like they say the days are long but the years are short. We’re past the baby milestones like walking, teething and eating on her own. It’s been such a beautiful journey and although I can’t see myself ever going through the pain of childbirth again, I’m extremely thankful I birthed my Milania. Here’s what motherhood taught me thus far.

1. I’m blessed.

I turned 31 the year I fell pregnant, meaning it was basically high time. That’s how I subconsciously planned it in my head, before that I was just not ready. I know my fellow perfectionists would agree that you’re actually never ready since you want everything to be perfect and just right. Study funds, 1st birthday party and cute bedroom all sorted and in place, well reality check! Sometimes it doesn’t work that way.

So it was really hurtful as you can imagine for someone with my mindset to have heard that some people in my circle assumed that I couldn’t have kids. That because I was a woman over 30 with no child there must’ve been problems with conception, not that I’ve just been very careful on whom I choose as a father for my child. On more than one occasion I’ve been put on the spot regarding my childlessness and it was truly painful to experience.

Therefore, I know that I’m blessed since I could’ve easily been one of those unfortunate women, yearning for a child. Because of this, childless women that actually want to be mothers ( because not all women want kids and that’s also ok) will always hold a special place in my heart, and as long as I live I’ll never put them on the spot or make them feel less than.

2. Everything will be ok.

Motherhood is overwhelming. You don’t have much time for yourself and you’re tired all the time. It’s a constant learning curve and there’s always a new milestone to overcome. By nighttime, you’re sometimes amazed that you’ve actually made it through the day, that your baby’s still alive and doing well. So here’s what I’ve learned, even though you try your utmost and give your best, you’ll sometimes feel that you’re not doing enough.

You’ll think about the missing baby wipes and the handful of Speckled Eggs you gave her to eat, just so that you could comb her hair and it will all feel like colossal failures on your part. Which is a lie! The fact that you’re present every day, taking care of your baby the best you know how. Also, the fact that you’re reading up and asking questions about the things you don’t know (let’s not even go into all the clashing advice out there) are all sure signs of the love and commitment you have for your little one.

Even though you sometimes doubt it, in the end, everything will be ok. With your love and attention, your baby will thrive and be happy. Even when life happens the knowledge of your unconditional love and guidance will be a steadfast anchor in their lives. That’s the best you can give, furthermore you just have to believe that no matter what happens, everything will be ok.

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01 December 2017

The Beauty Desk: Avon Dreams

Today I’m reviewing the feminine scented body lotion, body spray as well as the purse spray from Avon called Dreams. Most of Avon’s perfumes are all really top standard, although I must admit their staying power sometimes vary. Dreams is a lovely daytime scent with powerful notes of clearwood, rose and juicy plum. Whenever I’m wearing this fragrance I feel lighthearted, confident and sophisticated. It’s airy and carefree yet very seductive and classy. Does my overuse of descriptive words tell you that I’m really crazy about this scent? Good!

1. Dreams Body Lotion

The lotion comes in a beautifully packaged 150 ml elegant tub that easily fits into your handbag. It has a white creamy consistency and it really moisturizes my skin. I normally use perfumed lotions like this on top of my normal body creams. I only apply it on my hands and a bit on my forearms and not my entire body, although it says body lotion. The smell stays on my skin for a good amount of time, but I do slather ups throughout the day whenever I’m out and about. Retails for R72.90

2. Dreams Body Spray

This 75 ml bottle doesn’t disappoint as I get most of the scent from using it. I love that I get to smell it on myself throughout the day, admittedly the fragrance does get a little softer towards the end but I don’t mind that at all. Retails for R61.00

3. Dreams Purse Spray

The Dreams 10 ml EDP spray is that little bit of luxury every woman needs in her life, without breaking the bank. I only use this on special occasions when I need some extra confidence and pizazz and it really does the trick. Long-lasting and exquisite, what more do you need from a perfume? Retails for R120.00

Keep in mind that all Avon products are on sale throughout the year so you might get a good deal on this fragrance range.

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12 November 2017

4 Easy Ways To Manage Your Social Media

Social Media for your business shouldn’t give you constant, stressful headaches, it can and should be fun. You just need to be dedicated and consistent, the rest will follow. I’m sharing 4 easy ways to creatively manage your social media timelines.

1. Find the right platform.

If you have a creative business with products that display well in photo’s you should definitely create an Instagram account. You don’t need to be on every social media platform out there, pick those that will work best with what you have on offer and take it from there. 

2. Brand your business.

Make sure that you use the same headshot and logo updated with the same description and catchphrase of your business all over. Your branding should be easy to recognise. Furthermore, when you create marketing graphics you should always stick to a specific colour palette and font choice. When in doubt, keep it simple. 

3. Use pretty pictures. 

Here’s the fun part, taking pictures, playing around with props and making things beautiful. Take a closer look at product shots and the styling thereof in magazines and try to recreate the look. There’s a lot of inspiration to be found all around you and the internet has a wealth of free information so look out for online tutorials on brand styling and photography.

4. Get social.

Get your stuff out there, interact with new followers and reply to their questions and comments. Make use of free scheduling applications, they’re there to simplify your life. Do not get discouraged when you don’t see an immediate response to the posts you publish, social media takes a lot of strategy and time. Just keep at it, try to be so good that they can’t ignore you. Besides you have to remember that everybody’s online and if you’re not you won’t be seen. 

And then there's me… Please forgive the shameless self-promotion but I’m a certified Social Media Strategist and I’ve managed the social media timelines of Legs Eleven SA, Bay Harbour Market, Errol Arendz, Grande Lash SA, Fake Bake SA and many others. I know all about brand styling and photography as well as online copywriting. Contact me if you need more information and assistance.

Leave the name of your love project in the comment section, I love supporting creative small businesses and it would be great to connect.

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