Schwarzkopf Live Ultra Brights/Pastel in Purple Punk

I received a fantastic parcel filled with the latest and best haircare products from Schwarzkopf a few weeks ago and the Schwarzkopf Live Ultra Brights/Pastel in Purple Punk hair colour was in there too. Most people know that I’m not afraid of colour, I love vibrant shoes, earrings, nail polishes - well basically wherever a dash of colour is needed. And in all honesty, I’ve wanted to dye my tresses a bright, trendy shade for so long.

I’m not keen on putting highlights in my hair as it always courses split ends, breakage and that horrible straw like appearance. So, I decided since my own hair is a mousy shade with a bit of natural golden streaks, I was going to apply the Schwarzkopf Live Ultra Brights/Pastel in Purple Punk hair colour just like that. For more intense results they recommend you to lighten your locks and if you have naturally blond hair that’s even better. 

The kit contains

  • 1 Tube of Ultra Brights Colour Cream
  • 2 Sachets of Conditioner
  • A pair of gloves and an instruction leaflet

I used the entire tube of Ultra Brights Colour Cream on my short hair and it came out beautifully! I was going for the ultra-bright effect where there’s no mixing involved, the hair dye is applied onto your hair straight from the tube. (Well, you can transfer it to a glass bowl if you like.) To create the pastel effect (this will only work on light blond hair) you are supposed to mix the Ultra Brights Colour Cream with 1 sachet of conditioner. 

Furthermore, I love that there are no nasty intense chemical smells involved, I was sitting in front of the TV watching the Kardashians while the colour developed. I kept it on for a good 30 minutes because I wanted the promised electrifying, bold and bright results which are what I got. 

When I’m outside the colour is obviously even better so don’t let the somewhat maroon appearing images of my hair in this post deceive you, the purple punk is there. The included conditioner left my hair shiny and soft and here I am, on trend in my new purple hairdo. 

This is a semi-permanent colour and I’m kinda excited to see how it will fade. Overall I’m really happy with my new look, I will definitely try out the other colours in this range. I'm thinking of going pink and maybe blue who knows... I might even put in a few highlights as I would really like these shades to pop. 

This product is currently on sale at Clicks for R79.99

Also, the Schwarzkopf Live Ultra Brights/Pastel in Purple Punk hair colouring kit was sponsored by Schwarzkopf but this is my own and honest review.

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Clere Radiance 5 Oils Body Oil

Today I’m reviewing the Clere Radiance 5 Oils Body Oil which consists of a 5 oil blend of Olive Oil to help unclog pores, Castor Oil to remove impurities as well as Coconut Oil to soften the skin. There’s also Argan Oil to hydrate and lastly, Magnolia Oil to help minimise the appearance of stretch marks. 

The Clere Radiance 5 Oils Body Oil also contains Pure Glycerine, Vitamin A and E and Super Fruit Serum with anti-oxidants to nourish and moisturise the skin. 

I adore the prominent smell of the rich, earthy Argan Oil in this blend, there’s something very luxurious about it. Apart from smelling really expensive, the oil absorbs well into the skin too and it’s not greasy at all.

I’ve used it all over my body, hands and even face too without any irritation at all. I have some stretch marks on my tummy, they don’t really bother me but I’ve been applying generous amounts on that area. Hopefully in time, they’ll fade a little but for now, I have not seen that much of a difference.

However, I’ll continue using this product as it is really fuss-free and great for busy moms and women on the go. Clere really impressed me with this body oil and all the effort that went into it, something that’s high quality at a really affordable price

My skin feels silky and soft, it’s great to use after a bath at night allowing the oils to regenerate your skin throughout the night but it’s equally amazing with early showers where you can just slather on the oil - without worrying about white residue like with some body lotions. Also, the amazing lavish scent will make you feel really confident. Available at Clicks for R62,99   

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Nivea’s 1 Minute Urban Detox Mask Moisturise

I’ve been using Nivea’s 1 Minute Urban Detox Mask Moisturise for over 3 months and here’s my review on the results. It is a moisturising mask with Green Tea and Hyaluronic Acid that’s supposed to detoxify the skin from environmental stressors. It also promises to intensively moisturise and to leave you with a radiant complexion.

First of all, I love the fact that after washing your face all you have to do is apply this product generously and then leave it on for 1 minute. Where after you’re supposed to massage the remains into the skin, you can also remove it with a cotton pad but I just leave it as is. It absorbs really well into the skin so there’s not really anything left to clean up.

It does make my skin feel moisturised and plump and I didn’t experience any clogged pores or breakouts since using it. I didn’t see a major difference but I love the fresh, clean smell of the green tea scent and my skin does appear brighter and slightly more even toned

You really don’t need to apply any other moisturiser after this and I recommend using a foundation with a build in SPF when doing your makeup to avoid the build-up of grease. I will continue using this product because it’s so fuss-free. Unfortunately, I can’t say with certainty that I’ll repurchase it again. 

I paid R99.99 for a 75 ml tube over at Clicks.

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Avon Faraway EDP

Today I’m reviewing the original Avon Faraway perfume, a scent that I’ve loved for years. I’m really fond of their solid perfume too, as it fits perfectly into my handbag and the smell is so intense. However, I have mixed feelings about the body spray, I like it but I don’t love it, it’s almost as if the smell just doesn’t last that long. 

I love that the original Avon Faraway perfume still comes in the original tasseled perfume bottle. A really beautiful looking little carafe with that iconic amber juice inside. 

They call it a floral oriental but I can smell a lot of sweetness too, in essence, it’s an exotic mix of Freesia, Jasmine and Vanilla Musk. The scent is long-lasting and you’ll definitely still smell it on your clothing the next day. If it’s a carefree and zesty smell you’re after you should give this one a pass as its very grown up and sensual. Avon Faraway are loved by women all over the world, it’s a classic scent that will always stay in my personal perfume collection.

The current price for the 50 ml perfume bottle is R390,00 but as you know Avon constantly have wonderful sales on their cosmetics and perfumes. 

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Inspired Fragrance His & Hers Perfume Giveaway

Every woman deserves a lovely fragrance that will make her feel beautiful, a scent that will boost her confidence, something special and true to her essence. So, to celebrate my new blog re-brand I’ve decided to partner with Inspired Fragrance to give away a seductive his and hers fragrance gift set here on my blog. Something lovely for you and that special guy in your life, whether it’s your husband, boyfriend, father, brother or just a very good friend. 

I’ve chosen a 100 ml EDP for the ladies inspired by Lancôme’s La Vie Est Belle and a 100 ml EDP for the guys, inspired by Mont Blanc Legend. 

Version inspired by Lancôme’s La Vie Est Belle 

This gourmand fragrance opens with fruity notes of pear and black currant. The heart of the scent is filled with the sweet aromas of jasmine and orange blossoms. A warm and powdery base ties the notes together, giving you confidence that lasts through all your daily activities.

Male scent inspired by Mont Blanc Legend 

 A crisp aromatic fragrance for men.It is a luscious mix of interesting fruits and delicate florals with a lovely dry down. This kind of fragrance makes you feel 10 years younger. Delicious, fruity, luminous, popular, fresh and romantic at the same time.

Joyful and juicy notes of bergamot, lemon and especially pineapple lending to an romantic heart of geranium, rose and red apple and these are brought into a soft and delectable base of sandalwood and tonka bean, that create an intimate fragrance that is shared when someone is in your space.

Inspired Fragrance allows you to purchase high quality perfumes inspired by designer brands at just the fraction of the price and they also have a fantastic selection of these sought after and popular fragrances.

See their fragrance list for ladies here and take a look at the men’s list here. Their fragrances are 100% “made in Switzerland” – a seal and guarantee of outstanding quality, safety and an excellent service culture. They also put great emphasis on providing the best service and maintaining their standards. 

If you purchase fragrances to the value of R450 delivery is completely free and when you sign up you'll also get a 10% discount. I’ve been using their version of Lancôme’s La Vie Est Belle and I find it uplifting and exquisite and I love that the scent lingers softly on my skin throughout the day. 

Inspired Fragrance Disclaimer 

The generic equivalent fragrances from Inspired Fragrance have no affiliation with the original manufacturers/designers. Their interpretation of these fragrances were created through reverse engineering, and the purpose of description is to give the customer an idea of the scent character and not to mislead or confuse the customer. 

Giveaway Rules 

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Please Note: For extra entries please tag your friends and share where ever you see this post on your social media timelines. For those that already follow my platforms, good luck! To all the newcomers, hi and welcome. :)

Also, please don’t enter this competition if you don’t plan to stick around in terms of supporting my blog. The rest of the items shown in pictures are for visual purposes only and are not included in prize. For courier purposes I did not remove the seal on perfumes to avoid leakage as you can see in the images however, the winner will receive a spray nozzle and cap with parcel...

Competition open to South Africans only and will run until the 30th of November 2018. Best of luck!

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