The Art of Blogging

Blogging consistently does something amazing for the reputation of your brand. It will make you stand out from the rest + it will also show your reliability. Go ahead read on,  here's a few more tips.

1. Use a fabulous title. You want your readers to salivate over that tantalizing headline of your blogpost + you want to engage them from the very start.

2. Blog for your audience. That means you’ll have to find out who they are. It will help you to understand what they need and it will help you to write better blogposts, your readers will also love you for it.

3. Use big & beautiful images. It will add some colour and pizazz to your posts. Invest in a good camera if you make use of your own pictures. And remember to give credit to rightful owners where needed.

4. Seduce your readers. Make use of delightful, beautiful words. Your readers are a bunch of highly intelligent individuals and they want to be treated as such. They want to see researched, well written blogposts and good graphics.

5. Engage with your readers. Respond to blog comments + keep it polite and respectful.

6. Be original. You have a better chance to make it big + stand out if you stay true to yourself. It will take some time to establish your brand but in the end it will all pay off, thereby proving your trustworthiness. 

7. Stay humble. Do not become the dreaded "me, myself and I blogger." Give back to newbie bloggers. Support them in whatever small way you can, be a mentor. A comment from a well-established + successful blogger will mean so much to someone that’s just started out. We all know the saying; with great power comes great responsibility. 

Image - purelyluxury.tumblr.com



  1. Great post, Victoria!

  2. Thank you Chereen, you're a sweetie pie. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Nats! Thank you for the blog support, you're a star. :)

  4. I'm busy writing a post and changed the title of it because of this, haha! Great post :)

  5. Thank you Nadia, popping over to your blog right now.

  6. Thanx a lot Chicara. xo

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