Tech Review: Paper Trends iPad Cover

Aloha darlings! Today I'm starting a new series called Tech Review... I think it's only fitting as this is a social media blog for creative entrepreneurs. I'm sure you're all familiar with the gorgeous office accessories that recently popped up at CNA - I really love the Creative Stationary Paper Trends range in fact the first time in there, looking at everything I couldn't make up my mind.

However I eventually bough a cute little notebook that featured in my giveaway, congratulations Lynne! Also, I bought my late sister 3 notebooks and got myself this delightful tablet cover. I'm a very visual person, like when I see a good advertisement on TV or in a magazine I'll go out to purchase the product if it's within my budget.

I was immediately drawn to the cute quote "Never lose your sense of wonder" on the cover and I really love the pretty looks-like-sprinkles pink background. You'll find firm stretchy plastic hooks inside that will keep your tablet intact. You can also flip it open to create an tablet stand, perfect when sitting at your desk, although I've mostly been using this in bed or on the couch. 

The only dislike I have is removing my iPad from this lovely cover for when I need to take pictures, unfortunately there's no gap in this accessory for capturing images. The whole cover itself is strong and firm, with a nifty magnetic clip, I've had it for 3 months and everything's still pretty and intact. I've seen a little fading at the spine but that's just from carrying it in my always full handbag - I purchased this cover for just R 199.90 

Image - My Own 


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