Bonnie Yardley London Makeup Giveaway

Television presenter and actress Bonnie Mbuli, paired up with Yardley London to create a limited-edition makeup range to celebrate the unique skin tones and hues of South African women. Think rich and beautiful shades of wild berry, royal blue and exquisite dessert yellow. And that’s right, all of this could be yours. You can add all the products featured below to your own makeup collection! See competition rules on how to do just that. 

What’s Inside? 

  • Bonnie Yardley London Stayfast Foundation in Melanin 
  • Bonnie Yardley London Even Complexion Foundation in Melanin 
  • Bonnie Yardley London Even Complexion Pressed Powder in Melanin 
  • Bonnie Yardley London Bronzing Powder in Affection 
  • Bonnie Yardley London Intense Matte Lipstick in Whimsical 
  • Bonnie Yardley London Intense Matte Lipstick in Bon Bizzle 
  • Bonnie Yardley London Intense Matte Lipstick in Wild Berry 
  • Bonnie Yardley London Felt Tip Eyeliner in Royale 
  • Bonnie Yardley London Felt Tip Eyeliner in Vintage 
  • Bonnie Yardley London Felt Tip Eyeliner in Showbizz 
  • Bonnie Yardley London Stayfast Liquid Matte Lip Vinyl in Tiara 
  • Bonnie Yardley London Stayfast Nail Varnish in Tempest 
  • Bonnie Yardley London Stayfast Nail Varnish in Dessert 

Competition Rules 

1. Follow me on Facebook + share this giveaway + tag some friends that would love to win this. 

2. Follow me on Instagram and share + tag friends that would love to win this makeup range. 

3. Follow me on Twitter and retweet giveaway tweet over there.  

Note: This competition is open to South Africans only and will run until the 30th of September 2019. I won’t be able to send winner any other shade of foundation, powder or bronzer. The shade Melanin featured in pictures is what you’ll receive. 

Good luck to everyone and thank you so much for the blog support!

Images - My Own 


Extravagant Revlon Beauty Giveaway

Stand in line to win a Revlon Beauty Giveaway. It's nothing fancy, oh wait a minute, it’s really fancy! Extravagant! Basically, an entire makeup kit to the value of R3500 filled with the latest high-quality makeup from popular, international, beauty brand, Revlon. Foundation, mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick, perfume the works. You’ll have such a lot of makeup, you can share it with your friends or keep it all for yourself - the choice is yours. 

What’s Inside? 

  • Revlon Photoready Candid Foundation 
  • Revlon Photoready Candid Concealer 
  • Revlon Photoready Candid Setting Powder 
  • Revlon Photoready Rose Glow Primer 
  • Revlon Colorstay Looks Book Palette Maverick 
  • Revlon Colorstay Looks Book Palette Insider 
  • Revlon Colorstay Looks Book Palette Player 
  • Revlon Colorstay Looks Book Palette Original 
  • Revlon Colorstay Looks Book Palette Enigma 
  • Revlon Volumazing Waterproof Mascara Blackest Black 
  • Revlon Hyper Matte, Lip Mousse Crimson Sky 
  • Revlon Hyper Matte, Lip Mousse Red Hot Brulant 
  • Revlon Hyper Matte, Lip Mousse Dusty Rose 
  • Revlon Hyper Matte, Lip Mousse Rocky Plum 
  • Revlon Kiss Glow Lip Oil Under The Sea 
  • Revlon Kiss Glow Lip Oil Red-y To Glow 
  • Revlon Kiss Glow Lip Oil M.V. Peach 
  • Revlon Kiss Glow Lip Oil Nuditude 
  • Revlon Kiss Cloud Blotted Lip Color Pinkalicious 
  • Revlon Kiss Cloud Blotted Lip Color Orange Meringue 
  • Revlon Kiss Cloud Blotted Lip Color Spun Sugar 
  • Revlon Kiss Cloud Blotted Lip Color Fluffy Coral 
  • Revlon Love That Shimmer Eau de Toilette 

Competition Rules 

1. Follow me on Facebook + share this giveaway + tag some friends that would love to win this kit. 

2. Follow me on Instagram and share + tag friends that would love to win this kit. 

3. Follow me on Twitter and retweet giveaway tweet that’s pinned at the top of my page. 

4. Follow Revlon on Facebook + Instagram and Twitter. 

Note: This competition is open to South Africans only and will run until the 25th of September 2019. Revlon will dispatch the giveaway hamper to the winner once chosen by me. The winner will also have to provide me with their preferred foundation shade. 

This hamper was generously sponsored by Revlon South Africa. 

Images - My Own 


Win Indulgent Satiskin Hamper

On the 13th of September next month that is, I’ll be turning 35 years young! So in order to celebrate my birthday and to boost my stats a little I’m planning a few giveaways. Starting with this one! Drum roll, here goes: One lucky blog supporter will win an indulgent Satiskin Hamper filled with rejuvenating body treats!

What’s included? 

  • Satiskin Ocean Tissue Oil Soap 
  • Satiskin Nature Tissue Oil Soap 
  • Satiskin Floral Tissue Oil Soap 
  • Satiskin Exotic Orchid Shower Cream 
  • Satiskin Cocoa Butter Shower Cream
  • Satiskin Blissful Berry Body Wash 
  • Bamboo & Boar Bristle Massager 
  • Bamboo & Boar Bristle Nailbrush + Pumice Stone 

To enter competition: 

1. You need to like and follow my Facebook page. 

2. Like and follow my Instagram page. 

3. You also need to give Satiskin the same love on their Facebook and Instagram pages 

Note: I'll run a different version of this competition on Twitter, so if you're not on Twitter that's fine. No disqualification there. If you are you can follow me here. 

The entry rules. 

1. This competition is open to all South Africans. 

2. Competition will run until the 30th of September 2019. 

3. Winners will be announced over on my Twitter and Facebook page. 

4. Please don’t enter if you don’t plan to stick around to support my blog in the future. 

I'll also appreciate all the shares I can get over on Facebook to raise awareness. So, thank you for that in advance. 

Good luck to all the entrants! 

Spoil yourself with Satiskin’s quality, pH balanced formulations that are gentle on the skin. Satiskin is available in a range of shower gels, foam baths, hand washes and body soap variants. Satiskin Body Wash and Shower Creams have been sponsored by Satiskin. Thank you so much for the blog support, it means a lot. Satiskin, take your moment!

Images - My Own 


Your Rock-Bottom Will Turn Into Something Beautiful

If you would ever get so lucky to sit and have a long in-depth conversation to anyone over 80 you’ll discover that such a person had gone through a lot of highs and lows. They’ll also tell you about all the amazing surprises life has bestowed on their way and that how your rock-bottom will turn into something beautiful. Older generations, in general, have such beautiful stories to tell about survival because they've lived through it all. 

But first, let’s talk about rock-bottom. What is rock-bottom? In my opinion, rock-bottom is a feeling where you think you've reached the end – but as they say, thoughts are not facts. My rock-bottom will look completely different from your rock-bottom and so will yours be different from mine. We all go through difficult experiences in life and they don’t all look the same. A few months ago I felt super annoyed and miserable when I realized that after years of hard work my poor little blog was still not visible to those that matter. After 7 years of grind and effort, I felt that I’ve reached some sort of rock-bottom in that department. 

Years ago I was in a very destructive relationship, I felt unloved, I was unemployed and that was rock-bottom for me too. Just before the relationship ended completely my then partner decided to rape me on one dreadful summer’s night, just a few months before I turned 22. At that moment it was as if he wanted to take the last bit of dignity I had left away from me. In that moment he did. 

Rock-bottom is a place in your soul that I would describe as cold, dark and moldy, where feelings of self-loathing, confusion and resentment get together in a mean, dirty dance. It often feels like you’ve reached the lowest point in your life, the end, the finish line. But it doesn’t have to be. 

In life, it is so that you cannot expect to just experience the good parts of being alive. Unfortunately, there are sad days too, sad days with negative emotions like anger, depression and anxiety. You can try to numb these feelings with alcohol, drugs, food or other forms of self-medication for a while, but they will return if you don’t deal with them properly. Most often these destructive emotions are super intense, so much so that it feels as if your heart has been stabbed with the weapon still left inside. 

When you experience this, hang in there. This feeling, like all feelings, will pass. Intense emotions of guilt, sadness or failure will pass and like previously mentioned it is important to remember that thoughts are not facts. They may appear that way but trust me once you get through this and your mind clears up, your perspective on the story that you’re going through right now will change too. 

The same boyfriend that raped me also told me that no one would ever want to be with me. He didn’t see my worth and so I didn’t see my worth. You see, most often when you reach rock-bottom there's already been a trail of negative events which got you to this point of, “I can’t anymore.” And so, you’ll be reminded of every single mistake and failure from your past. 

This I believe is from the devil. At this point (when you’re reminded of all the bad things in your life) I believe that you are surrounded by a lot of unseen demons, call me crazy I don’t care but I do believe this to be true. I also believe that they will try their utmost to get you to commit suicide. They will torture you with these negative thoughts, do not believe their lies. Everything will look dark however, everything is not dark. 

Whether you’ve had an abusive father, lost a child, was bullied, you can change the narrative of your story. Allow God to carry you through this dark period and take as much time as you need to recover from such ordeals. We all go through bad times and there are many that have gone through worse. Hang in there and don’t allow your mind to take you to a place where you want to end your own life. 

Your life matters and if you hang in there something beautiful will happen. Like a Lotus Flower, you will emerge from the dirt and the shit and the gutter, beautiful and wiser and indescribably resilient.  Fresh new talents will develop, opportunity will appear, the desires of your heart will be granted. Your rock-bottom will turn into something beautiful. 

I'm no psychologist, social worker or even counselor but I have dealt with a lot in my lifetime. I know that if you live with depression or any other form of mental illness you cannot just snap out of it. What I am telling you is that there is hope and healing for your tortured soul. I truly believe that speaking to a professional can work wonders and that medication can help you to manage these feelings.

Complete deliverance, however, I believe can only come from God. Speak to Him and He will fill you with the Holy Spirit and renew your soul. Thereafter I believe you’ll have the ability to replace your negative mindset with a positive one. Your thoughts will never hold you captive again. You will develop a warrior mentality and the most beautiful thing about it all is that you will be able to help and inspire others.

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Life Lately

Time for another “Life Lately” post, because you know what I owe it to you, my blog supporters. In my previous update, I was having a little rant about being overlooked by PR and so forth. That post, believe it or not, brought me so much joy because I’ve felt this intense sense of rejection around the subject for such a long time. I so badly wanted to say something, I wanted to voice my opinion but I was too scared. For what? I guess for more rejection. However, since getting it out there a huge sense of relief filled my soul, it was like “there I’ve said it.” 

I mean, in all honesty, I’m not just some jealous, resentful bloggerI have been blogging since 2012 and I try to deliver excellence so in all fairness this rant was mine to have and take and it felt good! I did realize that I should work on my stats as that’s ultimately what sells. So I’m shifting the blame and I’m starting from scratch. What is it that I need to work on? What do I want from my blog? In all transparency, all I want is just the same amount of fancy press drops that the rest receive. So, if I work on my stats and continue to deliver and still not receive recognition there will be another rant, until then I’m cool. 

For now, I have a few giveaways up my sleeve to do just that. Products from Revlon, Yardley, Satiskin and Nivea. Most all sponsored, mind you. You see, I just don’t except a defeat, I hate giving up and in most cases, after that feeling of rock-bottom passes, I’ll eventually get up and just start again. Because, deep within my heart I know that somehow, my time will come. 

I was also super upset when I learned that a distant family member from my grandpa’s side committed suicide. Now if you can recall, I made a pact with God where I asked Him to see my sobriety as a sacrifice and to therefore never allow something like this in my family ever again. I'm heart sore and confused and even mad about this – so much emotion all of which I’ll need to dissect and analyze. All of which will take some time. 

Well, surely I was wrong in making pacts with God in the first place, it just doesn’t work that way now does it? What I know for sure is that I want to write and inform more about the subject of suicide and suicide prevention. I don’t know, but I almost feel like making it part of my life’s work, to speak more openly about it. I know it’s morbid and horrid and that it’s something we all want to avoid really speaking about. But guess what? I don’t really feel like I have a choice in the matter. That’s how it works in life sometimes

Feel free to drop me a line on Facebook or Twitter, most definitely reach out to me if you feel that you’ve reached rock-bottom. I can’t promise that I’ll be able to change things for you but I will be able to guide you into a direction of light.

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