Marc Jacobs & Coca-Cola Light ®

What do you get when two awesome brands collaborate? This! Fashionistas in South Africa are now able afford + enjoy Marc Jacobs in the form of a can of Coca-Cola Light®.

Talented fashion designer  Marc Jacobs revealed three limited-edition designs of Coca-Cola Light® cans in celebration of the brand’s 30th anniversary, these designs are based on the three decades of Coca-Cola Light®: the eighties, the nineties and the noughties. Earlier this year, Jacobs was also announced as Coca-Cola Light®’s creative director for 2013. 

"I feel very privileged to be the new creative director of Coca-Cola Light® and put my stamp on the 30th Anniversary campaign,’ he says, ‘Diet Coke is an icon… And I love an icon."
 - Marc Jacobs 

Yep, we cannot deny this, it is the perfect fit. Check out these images too! ;) Now let's show of Socia Media Bloom's creativity. :)
 What do you think of this cute-as-a-button stationary holder...
View Coka-Cola's DIY board on Pinterest for more awesome ideas.

Top Images -
Bottom DIY Images - Social Media Blooms


Unknown said...

Oh this is so cool! #MarcJ #fashion

Victoria said...

Thank you Iptishaam. :)

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