5 Secrets of the Blog Community

Here's an in depth look at the lives of bloggers, those go-getting + brave individuals always in the forefront of trends. 

1. Influence the Flock

All over the world bloggers influence each other, they are like sponges when it comes to absorbing new + trending information. By the time bloggers take something of the shelves you can be sure it's already well researched. And with all the beauty, fashion, books and even travel reviews they do everyday, it makes things so much easier for the rest of us. 

2. Value the Tribe

Now because you're a blogger people will assume that you know what you are talking about - blogging does include a lot of research and reading. I remember when I first started out, I felt really pressured at some point, I knew the power of influence and I knew I had to be truthful. Just take a look at this post by Luzanne from Pink Peonies about the whole writing process to see what I mean. Point is, as a blogger you are part of the blog community where you are valued + value what's written by your blog-peers - that's also why some bloggers experience writers block from time to time.

3. Silent Readers

They read everything, well to stay updated of course. And yes, if you have been blogging for some time they will also read your blog. And here's the thing, a lot of blogger's are silent readers, and you have to be fair about this - there's really only so many hours in a day to read + comment on everything on the web. I guess sometimes they are so inspired by your post that they just don't know what to say. Which is a good thing, right? ;)

4. Align + Connect

The blog community really are a bunch of like-minded, creative individuals and therefore it's not surprising to see how many of them align with each other after some time. Forget about compare + despair, the real clever blog authors know that if they connect with their peers the possibilities are endless. A good word + recommendation goes a long way, whether it's via word-of-mouth or a just a quick tweet. Supporting each other becomes vital in the blogosphere and the best way to do it is to yes, align + connect. 

5. The Real Hipsters

I might step on some toes with this point, still the evidence are there. First of all they will never admit to it and secondly, are they not always first in the row about everything? More evidence and striking is how polite, pleasant and eco-friendly they are. Hipsters also love the ideology of the creative small business, and we all know how we bloggers in our heart of hearts would prefer our blog to be our only income. ;) 

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One Stiletto At A Time said...

I absolutely love this post and your blog. Time to read through your archives :)

XOXO One Stiletto At A Time

daisyperson said...

Always enjoy reading your posts!

Claudz said...

All 5 are spot on!

Victoria said...

Thank you so much, your comment just made my day.

Victoria said...

What a sweet comment. It's always amazing to have loyal readers. :)

Victoria said...

Yay! Welcome to my little space on the internet. :)

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