3 Ways to Find Your Spark in Difficult Times

Being a self-starter's really awesome and nothing compares to making your own rules and breaking them as you move along. It's great to be in control, to manage your own diary + to schedule your appointments for times that best suits your needs. I'm a real early-birdie and I normally start my day with meditation followed by some self-reflection, mentally preparing myself for the rest of the day. But sometimes I also mess up by working right throughout lunchtime without taking a break.

So here's something interesting. When we feel energised and healthy our lives are perfect, yet as we get sick and worn out our minds go to a negative space where fears + doubt sometimes gets the best of us. Suddenly you may be filled with self sabotage, fearful thinking and an overall feeling of lack. I know the damage these feelings can do to ones ego, so today's post is all about how to find your spark during trying times.

1. Trust your instinct.

Just recently I've been experiencing something strange, I'd like to call it a paralysing indecision. This time I'm at a crossroad where I need to make the next move, yet I'm not totally sure if it's the right choice. This normally ends up in a ridiculous pattern of over-analysing everything until your head hurts + the more you dissect the more you feel stuck. Can you relate with this feeling? 

Looking at the bigger picture it's clear, that as long as we're alive there will always be these little obstacles, little potholes in the road that will slow you down momentarily until you find the time to recollect yourself. In these stressful circumstances taking time for yourself becomes very important.

I know that we don't always feel courageous as some things are more difficult then others but sometimes you have to just trust your intuition + believe that everything will turn out fine. Have you ever looked back at a difficult situation and realised that you were complicating things, unnecessarily for yourself?

2. Create a vision-board. 

Gather old glossy magazines + photographs and choose all the images that speaks to your heart. All your future dreams + goals, things you want to eat or the places you want visit. Use glitter or washi tape to stick it on your board of choice to beautify your collage. 

Do not be afraid to dream new dreams, good things comes to those who dare. Remember there's no right way to do this, have fun with it. It's meant to be carefree so none of that perfectionism here. I have an evolving board in my office that gets makeovers all the time, it's a creative exercise that boost my energy levels every time.   

3. Have a pamper party for one.

Get a digital detox, take a break from the internet and spoil yourself with your favorite bath + beauty products, soak away the tension with a soothing bubble-bath. Indulge in chocolate or a delicious fresh salad. Light a scented candle, get pretty flowers for your desk or coffee table and surround yourself with beauty. 

Read a chic-lit, have a glass of bubbly and go to bed early. Look at the stars in the sky and get in touch with nature and the universe, realise that there's a higher power that's looking over you. Just relax and be kind to yourself. Say you will, promise? Good! Until next time. 

"The problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by sceptics or cynics, whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities. We need men who can dream of things that never were and ask why not." - John F Kennedy


Chereen said...

Love this post, Victoria! I've been meaning to get started on creating a vision board fro weeks now, so will take this as a push to get started! Have a great week! x

Victoria said...

Thank you Chereen. Enjoy making you vision board. Hope you have a lovely week too. xo

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