7 Inspiring Quotes from Creative Bloggers

Nothing beats a good inspirational quote to put some va-va-woom into your new week, right? Today I'm sharing a few of my favorites. Dont forget to share your own with us in the comment section... 

1. Never be afraid of starting over, a lot of the time it’s easier to start fresh – Kim Lawler

2. Be yourself, follow your heart and always do what you love. – Amy Butler

3. Do what needs to be done today. If it isn’t good enough, repeat it tomorrow until it’s beyond what you thought you could do. – Cassandra Ellis

4. Be forgiving to yourself and to others – everybody is on their own journey and every mistake is a lesson. – Maryanne Moodie

5. Experiment! Have no boundaries, make mistakes and then learn from them. – Papered Parlour

6. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Or just get started, don’t worry if you don’t know how it’s going to end. Sometimes it’s more important to just begin. – Buttonbag

7. Less talk, more make. – Harvest Textiles

Do you have a quote that you would like to share with us? Please leave it in the comments below. 

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Natalya Amour said...

Lovely quote, thanks for sharing


Victoria said...

Thank you Candice...

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