How To Stop Career Burnout

Let me start this blogpost by asking you this... How do we go from doing something we're passionate about and then end up loathing it? The answer, well I guess along the way we take on too much, we give in to the believe that being busy equals success to the point that we sometimes wear it like a badge of honor. That by saying no, we will end up losing future opportunities, lose the respect of our superiors or even worse lose our spot in this cutthroat race towards who-knows-where, oh sorry I meant sparkly, shiny content.

Now there's absolutely nothing wrong with being a hard, loyal worker. Hard work always pays off and let's face it, no one will give you anything for free. I don't know about you but there's already so many things that's on my to-buy-list, you know those little luxuries that you really can't go without. You know what I'm talking about right? Or that home loan, car, exotic getaway, wedding... Things that you need to buy and pay for with hard earned cash! So then it's clear then that besides having respect among your peers, having a high earning job will also give you the security you deserve. We want to have a good life, where we will be able to provide the best for ourselves and loved ones and this is basically the main driving force behind everything we do. 

Yet it's important to take a little step back every now and then to get in touch with the well being of your body and soul. I'm telling you, I mean what is this sacred spirit inside of you that runs everything so smoothly, where the moment it leaves your physical body all else start to decompose at rapid speed. Cells die, foul smells arise, the whole gory works! 

Point being, take care of yourself. You are not super woman and you don't have to be. You do not have to be perfect all the time. You don't have to say yes to everything all the time. You also deserve a break, especially if you've been giving it your all even when you felt like giving up. The success + goals will still be there when you return from your break in the bush, that little cottage by the sea or your mom's place. 

There might be a new shiny app in the digital sphere missed out on, or a fabulous high-class event with dainty savoury snacks + high profile guests that you didn't attend but you know what there will be others. Just learn to say no to things that's starting to drain your soul and lean towards a balance in life where you are satisfied + thankful for the achievements already present in your life. Do things your way, don't be a victim of the system. Remember, we are busy with the things we say yes to.

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Chereen said...

This is such a great post, Victoria! I couldn't agree more... it's really important to slow down and take a step back sometimes. I'm so over being busy, busy, busy all the time! Life is for living!

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