My Morning Routine

A good morning routine sets you up for the rest of the day, whether you start it with a good cup of freshly brewed coffee, a green juice or a refreshing + zesty shower - it's all in the little details. The good thing is that I'm actually a morning person, there's just something really refreshing about the start of a new day, I love the sound of chirping birds and a whistling kettle! 

5:15 Meditate 

By this time I'm already awake and I will usually start it with meditation. Thoughtful prayer, while also mentally preparing myself for the rest of the day. Since I'm pregnant (8 months to be exact) I've really been enjoying these early morning lie-ins where I can just reflect on the direction of my life + career. Basically my future dreams and how I can be the best Victoria in my current situation. Not that I always find the answers, you know how it goes. Some things you have to let go to unfold on its own...

6:00 Breakfast

I'm not very fussy about breakfast whether it's tea or coffee that I drink in the morning, just as long as I have a little bite with it. Fuelling my body. I also love a variety so I'm not just a muesli and yogurt or a milk and cereal kinda girl - I generally love having choices, although like mentioned before I'm not fussy. Sometimes I will write in my journal, while sipping my tea, all at a very slow pace to savour every moment. I hate a rush.

6:30 Check Emails + Messages

This is actually a very bad habit but a lot can happen during the night, right? I don't get out of bed to do this, I'll just check my phone or switch on my tablet for a quick view of urgent messages. Where after I'll read a few blogposts via Bloglovin.

7:00 Grooming

By this time I'm ready to start the day. I love jumping into the shower with a zesty showergel, like the citrusy, grapefruit infused Happy Hippy from Lush. Talk about a magic potion! Since I've reached my early 30's I'm also very concerned about the condition of my skin, so I'll make sure to put on a good anti ageing daycream. I'm currently using Anew Ultimate Day from Avon with an SPF of 25. When I'm dressed and all dolled up I'll spritz on my fave perfume, the feminine + sophisticated eau de toilette Si from Giorgio Armani. 

8:00 Work

At this time I'm having my second cup of tea, all set and ready for the day ahead. I comfortably work from home with no boss that breath behind my neck or colleagues that drain my introverted energy, so I can't really complain. When it gets too quite I switch on the Coffitivity. Man I love this app! Working as a Social Media Strategist a normal day entails a lot of crafting, scheduling and monitoring posts for various brands, making sure that everything/everyone's happy! Saying this, I have to add that my pregnancy leave just started so I'll be enjoying more me-time before the little one arrives.

Do you have a similar morning routine? Let me know in the comment section. 

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