The Beauty Desk: Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey Treasures

I recently saw the Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey Treasures shampoo and conditioner in Clicks and decided to give it a go. Infused with honey, propolis and royal jelly this range promises to strengthen and nourish fragile hair. 

1. The Honey Treasures Strength Restorer Shampoo. 

This translucent shampoo feels amazing upon application and foams up nicely leaving my hair clean and soft.  I reaaally adore the gorgeous honey + vanilla type of scent I get every time I wash my hair. As a new mom and busy entrepreneur I don't always get time to pamper myself and therefore I'm always looking for products that will make me look + feel amazing. 

2. The Honey Treasures Strength Restorer Conditioner.

This conditioner is light yellow with a luxurious creamy consistency. It makes hair feel soft on application and also after rinsing. I love the fact that it contains no parabens. To avoid buildup I suggest you use this product not more than twice a week unless you have very dry hair. 

My hair does feel stronger and less fragile after a month - overall I would definitely repurchase this great product. If you want soft + smooth bouncy hair you should consider buying this range.

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