How To Create Your Instagram Theme

Creating an Instagram theme must be one of the easiest things to do. It all depends on what filter you love most and then basically sticking to it. Well that's how I feel about it. When I first started on Instagram I used to play around with the different filters, however I've always liked bright and cheerful colours, so I decided to use the edit menu instead where I basically just play around with contrast, brightness + structure until I'm happy.

Although you can always scroll down your feed after some time to decide what to keep or delete I'm not really fond of that. To me apps such as Instagram are like an online album and sometimes I don't really feel like deleting an image that may seem a little dull or blurry, well especially if it represents something memorable and near to my heart. 

In my theme you'll find the occasional black and white image among my overall colourful feed + other creative quotes. And yes here and there you'll find a blurry pic, but you know what those pics are the ones that mean a lot to me! So, what's your favorite filter and do you use it all the time to create the look and feel of your timeline? I reaaally would like to know your thoughts. Oh and come say hello on Instagram!

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