I Want To Be Your Virtual Assistant

Whoohoo, I finally have more time open in my schedule to branch out my creative services. That means you can hire me as your Virtual Assistant! Why a Virtual Assistant you may ask? Well you see I’m a sucker for open spaces, I’m a wild child at heart and I just reaaally love solitude. I wont be able to sit and chat over a cuppa but I'll be able to get the work done. That’s how I thrive and as a creative introverted solopreneur that’s just how I choose to roll. 

Also I’ve been in the Digital Industry for more than 5 years and I know all too well how time consuming certain tasks can be. Checking emails, crafting social media posts, trying to be creative while running a successful blog or creative business is an awesome thing - and I’m really happy for you if you’re full of vitality + energy to tackle these tasks every day. However if your business is expanding or if you just need a little help I’m here. 

What I offer:

- Creative Social Media posts according to your business/blog’s needs.

- Delightful Stock Images.

- Any other tasks related to the Blogging/Social Media Industry.

Why hire me:

- Like mentioned before, I’m very well familiar with the Digital Industry.

- I’ve been on the Blogosphere for a very long time.

- Social Media’s my thing.

- We can work together from wherever, even the moon.

- I would treat your business like I would treat my own.

Soooo, what’s the catch? Um well, no catch here darling. Just have a look at some of my references and send me a mail where you inform me what you would like me to help you with and we’ll take it from there…

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