Take A Break: The Apollis Cottage

Situated in the picturesque Namaqualand you'll find a cosy eco-friendly guesthouse called The Apollis Cottage. This 4 star guest house boasts 3 large bedrooms, each with their own bathrooms. DSTV and internet/wifi hotspot feature in all rooms for clients to check their mail, while enjoying a stress free stay. There's also a large lounge/dining room area, a porch, kitchen and a growing garden/braai area at the back. Using its own well for water as well as solar panels for electricity, it really is its own self sufficient, eco-friendly oasis in the desert. 

Whether a trip to see the Namaqualand daisies, or just to find a refuge from the bustling city life, The Apollis Cottage is an ideal location for a romantic trip or one with the family. Nature lovers will enjoy the unique breathtaking views and city dwellers will find a new sense of peace to take home with them. Here you will leave revived and refreshed with fond memories and a deep longing to come back. 

I celebrated my wedding ceremony + honeymoon over at this lovely tranquil cottage and today I'm sharing a few pictures of our special day with you. It was truly a beautiful experience, in fact I can't wait to go back for our first wedding anniversary. You can read the charming history of The Apollis Cottage over here and also have a peek at all the amazing tourist attractions in the area. 

Images - Moi Photography

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