6 Girl Boss Habits That Will Inspire You

When I started my online venture a few years ago I naively though that most of my days would be smooth sailing - you see I was going to work from home, with no boss breathing down my neck and I could eat healthy lunches every day. Um however, that wasn't the case. I was undisciplined, I slaved away without eating at all and because I deprived my body from proper nourishment I became tired and uninspired. 

However, along my journey I've learnt that you should always take care of your mental and physical wellbeing and that you should set firm rules and goals for yourself - that is if you want to be a successful girl boss! Take a look at these other inspiring habits that I've learnt along the way.

1. Believe in yourself

Hey, self-doubt is a bitch and we all know that. Please do me a favor, don't allow comparisons and past failures break you. You are capable of great things, just think of all your past achievements ( write them down and put your list somewhere private to look at whenever you need a pat on the back ) and realize that you can conquer even more if you focus and train yourself to be consistent and self-disciplined. And remember, fortune favors action.

2. Eat breakfast

Well eat breakfast and lunch and a proper dinner for that matter, Nourish the body that's making a living for you. Drink your vitamins and keep yourself well hydrated. Don't become totally wrapped up in important tasks and schedules, realize that in order to be creative and energized you need to fuel your system. 

3. Make notes

The other day I was watching a daytime talk show where the question about success was raised. That made me think, what exactly do I want to achieve and when will I be content... I immediately jotted it down, because that specific discussion was important to me. Whether it's something similar to that question that made me think or just a splendid idea for a blogpost or business proposal, write it down. You can always discard what you don't like, but most importantly - you'll get some fresh perspective and you'll always have creative inspiration nearby. 

4. Collaborate

Don't be afraid to reach out to ask for help from your peers when you need it, sometimes great things happen when you share ideas with like-minded people. Get in touch with your tribe, the people in your industry. Do your homework and pitch that bright idea. Reach out, don't be afraid of rejection, who knows where you might be in a year.

5. Practice gratitude

Gratitude is such an awesome practice and I know that it's not always that easy to be grateful but it's really life changing and such a beautiful thing. Whenever something good happens to you, when you get a new client or when you get a really pleasant comment on your blog you're obligated to express your gratitude towards that person and most importantly to God. Be grateful for big bold success and small simple pleasures alike. Gratitude shifts your energy to make way for bigger + better things. You almost become like a magnet that attracts good and wonderful things, so give it a go whydontcha!

6. Practice self-discipline

I did mention self-discipline here and there in this blogpost and now I will put more emphasis on the subject. Without it you'll make mistakes and suffer, and yes I know that nobody's perfect and yes you're allowed to make mistakes... Just as long as you learn from them, especially in business. Made a lot of cash this month? Don't spent it on another pair of lace-up shoes. Do you have an important meeting on Monday? Don't stay up too late on Sunday night, oh and you don't need another glass of wine. You get the drift. Use your God-given discernment and practice that self-discipline, and you'll go far, you bright shining star!

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