4 Reasons Why You Should Support Your Blog Tribe

Who’s your blog tribe and do they inspire you? My blog tribe are mostly female, most of them are from my home country South Africa and they range from beauty, lifestyle and tech bloggers. I call them my blog tribe because they are my kinda girls, we all get excited by the launch of a new sought after fashion, food or beauty product. 

We are kinda predictable like that, getting excited about stuff like lipsticks and donuts. To me it’s always interesting to see how my fellow bloggers evolve – some become mothers (like me) and incorporate it into their niche, others get to work with big brands and you can really see them souring and just going further (because you know they’re good at what they do) and some of us just keep writing entertaining blog posts, for the fun of it because that’s what we like to do. 

I find it very easy to support my fellow bloggers, well because let’s see... I live in a very small town in Namaqualand and I don’t really have any competition around me. Admittedly I do sometimes feel left out when PR companies + brands seem to work with everyone but myself, but then again I work in marketing so therefore I understand their strategy...

Furthermore I just feel that hard work will get you up there. Meaning that if you want to achieve a certain blog goal you’ll get there – with persistence and previous mentioned hard work. Which brings me to the 4 reasons why you should support your blog tribe. 

1. It kills the green-eyed monster. 

Unfortunately, if you focus too much on the success of a fellow blogger without recognizing your own improvement the green-eyed monster will take over. And um, nobody’s got time for that. When you are genuinely happy for the other persons success you won’t compare and despair. Try to ask yourself if you’d really like to reach a similar goal + does reaching that goal matter in your life. If it is know that your time will come. 

2. You can learn from them. 

I learn so much from my tribe all the time, from how they style blog images to how honest they get in a write up. It inspires me and while I like learning I also love to show my support by telling a blogger when something’s really awesome – because let’s face it, you can always see when a project took a lot of effort. 

3. Friendships are cultivated. 

After such a long time blogging, 5 years to be exact I know that friendships can be formed, even digitally. Bloggers constantly meet and greet at events so it’s really not strange that they’ll form bonds + friendships that will last a lifetime. I don't know a lot of bloggers in real life, but I do love the sense of blog community I get from my tribe. I feel that they really care about my wellbeing even  if we’ve just formed a virtual friendship. 

4. Collaborations are made. 

Are you noticing that the blogging industry is now a real thing, it’s being acknowledged as a career choice? Brands are realizing that’s bloggers have the power to influence and that they should have a media budget set out for bloggers when they market products. Preferably a budget where payments are made and not just goodie bags are given.

So here’s the thing, when you’ve cultivated friendships with your blog tribe you’ll always be in the know. They can make referrals for you, you can collaborate on campaigns and oh my word, before you know it you’ll be reaching all your blog goals + dreams, thereby making a living from your beloved little blog.

Did you like or feel to disagree with this post? Leave your feedback in comment section. 

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