Take A Break: Springbok Inn

Over the weekend me and my husband visited and slept over at the beautiful + tranquil Springbok Inn. We left our little Milania with her grandparents, whom she loves and adore and decided to really just enjoy our little break. For those that don't know - Springbok lies in a narrow valley surrounded by the Koperberg in the heart of the Namaqualand, 570km north of Cape Town. It is the last major town before Namibia and it is known as the flower capital. Springbok Inn also comprises of 87 air conditioned rooms + 25 campsites. The Nama language is probably South Africa’s last indigenous language still spoken in the greater Namaqualand area and is a remnant of the Khoisan culture which once dominated large parts of the Southern African region.

I've lived here most of my life and even I cant get enough of the amazing stillness of this unpretentious + rugged area. Upon arrival we were greeted by the friendly + accommodating staff of Springbok Inn, where after we left to the bar + dining area to have a glass of bubbly accompanied by a buffet of delicious lamb stew, vegetables and a fresh green salad. 

We skipped the decadent malva pudding only because of the generosity of the main meal and also because we were both so tired. I couldn't resist the fast + free Wifi (the life of a blogger and social media strategist) and was scheduling social media posts for one of my clients until about 10 pm, where after I also fell asleep in the soft and clean bedding of our lovely room. I was really pleased with the cleanliness but most of all the beautiful, delightful view from our little balcony. 

In the morning I treated myself to a good cup of coffee while flipping through a glossy magazine that I brought along. It was great to have that amazing hours of just chilling - let's just say a stay at home mom that's also trying to run a digital marketing biz on the side is definitely not used to this type of leisurely lifestyle. Me and my husband (again) both enjoyed a generous breakfast of bacon, beans and eggs - basically the whole works because an overnight stay at Springbok Inn also gets you a big breakfast buffet. Day visitors can also treat themselves to this breakfast for just R90.00. You can visit their website at to view the rooms, rates + contact details.

We ended our lovely stay with this amazing view - in conclusion, I really + thoroughly enjoyed our stay and will definitely recommend and revisit this establishment soon. Also visit their Facebook Page to see their current Valentines Day special. For more images on our stay + visit you can also view my Instagram Page - I always use the tag #SpringbokInn

Images - My Own

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