The Beauty Desk: Dr. PawPaw, Eylure + Elegant Touch

Time to look at the latest beauty products I love and adore. First of all, I’m so thrilled that Dr. PawPaw is finally in South Africa. I’ve been paging through glossy magazines with a lot of envy when reading about the great benefits of this balm. Multipurpose and soothing with natural fermented paw paw! 

Also, I have really scarce eyebrows and it has always been a pain in the neck to fill them in – eyebrow powders and stencils don't do it for me and some pencils are just too waxy, but now I have finally found something that works! Read on to see the full scoop on my new favorite beauty products.

1. Dr. PawPaw Original Balm – R95.00 

This award-winning and bestselling original balm can be used by the whole family - on your skin, lips and hair to relieve dryness + to add moisture. I love the smooth consistency and the way it just glides over my lips, I also love the fact that it is fragrance-free. Also amazing for your nails and cuticles, heels + elbows – talk about a little miracle worker! 

2. Elegant Touch Polish in Oxblood Red – R90.00 

I love this press on nails from Elegant Touch in the new show-stopping shade of Oxblood Red. I normally keep my nails very short, especially now that I have a little toddler to take care of. Every now and then, however, I like to get all dolled up and press on nails in a beautiful shade just makes the getting ready event so much easier. Expect to get fantastic smudge + chip-free results of up to 10 days. Also with super-flex technology for a more comfortable wear, perfect for moms and girls on the go!

3. Eylure Brow Contour in Mid Brown – R115.00 

Guys, suddenly I can also have perfectly contoured eyebrows! The Eylure Brow Contour is a two-in-one colour and highlighter that transforms my eyebrows completely. It’s a lovely chubby pencil that makes brow application quicker + I love the fact that the highlighted side comes in a matt and silky creamy shade. This pencil is available in dark brown and mid brown. 

All Products available from Dischem.

Images - My Own

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