5 Blog Image Background Ideas

Creating beautiful images for your blog and social media posts really take a lot of time. Sometimes the lighting is just not right, other times the structure of the image doesn’t look the way you want it. You have to style, play around and think creative all the time and while you cannot really complain about fiddling around with gorgeous looking + smelling products, it can become a little stressful at times.

So the blog post for today is all about creative image background ideas. Maybe you are familiar with a few already, but who knows, there might just be another clever idea you didn’t know about that you can implement in the styling of your images.

1. Wooden Slabs

Wooden slabs are so versatile, it’s great for creating rustic looks – perfect for food bloggers and you can also give them a fresh coat of paint if you want something more simple and stylish. You can even create a collection of different colours which you can use according to the look and theme you are going for.

2. Wrapping Paper

I love wrapping paper because it is affordable and easy to style. I normally lay mine flat on the ground with a weight at each end (normally a shoe) and then I start my styling process. It’s best to use paper with a white background and small illustrations or detail however it all depends on what you are after in your design process. Did you know that loads of bloggers use marble wrapping paper to create those amazing and fabulous marble backgrounds over on Instagram? Yes, now you know. Also when you turn your paper to the reverse side you have a beautiful white background to work with, and white is always a winner.

3. Placemats

Another favourite of mine! I bought a beautiful marbled placemat some time ago and have been using it nonstop, to the point that I feel the need to get something different ASAP. I also have a plastic placemat with a gorgeous brown wooden look that I absolutely adore. There’s really a lot these days to choose from and with some, if you turn it around like with the wrapping paper you get that awesome clean, white surface.

4. Grass

There’s just something about green grass that makes images pop! If you are lucky enough to have a pretty garden you should totally make use of all that greenery, pair that with the natural outdoor light. Need I say more? Just perfection.

5. Fabric

Think crisp white linen, faux fur throws, scatter cushions, bath towels, I mean the list is really endless. Fabric also generally create a cosy, luxurious type of look – just the thing for beautiful flatlay and product shots

Image - My Own

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