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Hello, friends! I haven't been very active on my blog lately, oh you know being a mother and wife and homemaker, um while you work from home ain't always that easy. But I've been trying to be active over on Instagram. Are you following me on there? Here's a sneak peek into my life.

Some titbits on my feed.

  • I recently developed a love for baking and just cooking in general. I've been frying up Cape Malay koeksisters, baked rusks, and chocolate cakes. I've made boboties and chicken pie and you know what I'm really good at it.

  • I celebrated my 1st wedding anniversary. On this special day we went to church whereafter my family indulged in sousboontjies, yellow rice with raisins and pumpkin pie made by me.

  • My little girl the joy of my life! She's a little toddler now and at 20 months she's totally running the show, but it's such a precious privilege to be her mommy.

  • I turned into a beauty addict. I'm not a beauty blogger at all but man oh man my beauty desk is overflowing. But I ain't complaining. 


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