3 Reasons Why You Should Dress For Success

This post basically gives you the permission to go out there and purchase that lovely handbag that you’ve been eyeing for some time now. Woohoo!!! First of all, I would like to state that looking good is not just about being a fashionista, it’s about finding garments that fit your proportions the right way. It is also when people can see the detail and thought that went into your print on print or head to toe white outfit.

Forget about the typical black blazer and pencil skirt, dressing for success means that you should honor your personality too. If it’s bold and shimmery colours that you’re into you should totally embrace that. Even if you work in a very formal environment you can still play with sparkle and colour on your nails, makeup, shoes and all of your accessories. Dressing up is fun and whether you’re the minimalist type or a creative bohemian, in the end, it should be about what works for you. And then there’s also these 3 reasons.

1. Books are judged by the cover.

That’s exactly why they say not to judge a book by its cover because they usually are. Look and smell good and you’re perceived as self-respected, attractive and ambitious. Look sloppy and you’ll be underestimated because of that. It’s all about perception and since it’s this easy to be perceived as a successful girl on a mission (just because you wear a pair of expensive shoes you might as well dress the part.

2. It hides a bad day.

Whenever I feel miserable and a little down in the dumps I always put on some war paint, which is my brightest and loveliest lipstick. I always say to people that I don’t have to look the way I feel and this is something that I really believe and apply in my everyday life. Maybe you’ve had one drink too many and didn’t get enough sleep or maybe you just feel tired after a long week. No one has to know, put your hair in a bun, put on some sparkly earrings and do some extra effort with your makeup. Also, make sure you wear your best handbag and voila, you’re on your way to make it through the day.

3. It makes you feel more confident.

I can think back on all the times when I was wearing great outfits and most of them were always accompanied by compliments, glares of approval or envy which is basically the same thing, right? Just kidding, but yes I’m sure you’ll agree that when you look good you normally feel good too. Because dressing up takes time, effort and creativity which makes you feel in control and well prepared for work and whatever may come your way. So go on then, dress up and slay the day.

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