Awesome Apps: MomConnect

I love getting these little informative messages on my phone every day, it really makes me feel less alone in my motherhood journey. What am I talking about? Let me tell you more...

What is MomConnect

MomConnect is a South African National Department of Health initiative which aims to support maternal health through the use of cell phone-based technologies integrated into maternal and child health services. The services are free to the user, and messages are also available in all our 11 official languages. MomConnect is voluntary and the pregnant woman can opt out at any time.

The overall objectives of this initiative are: 

• To introduce a mechanism for registering electronically all pregnancies in the public health system as early as possible,

• To send targeted health promotion messages to pregnant women and moms to improve their health and that of their infants,

• To provide pregnant women and mothers with an interactive mechanism to feedback on the service they have received.

Why MomConnect

• A large number of maternal and child deaths could be avoided if some basic interventions are implemented.

• Some factors like breastfeeding are linked to the patient (demand side) and need change in behavior.

• Other factors are linked to facilities and need improvement in the supply side and linked to health service improvement.

• MomConnect is well-placed to address some of these demand and supply side problems.

How To Register:

1. Dial *134*550# from your cell phone to register.

2. Answer a few simple questions about your pregnancy.

3. You will then be registered – welcome to the family!

In short, I'm impressed with the fact that they send you age-appropriate messages that encourage you to interact and play with your baby, like little reminders to keep you in check. I'm also chuffed with the fact that they've recently personalised these messages with your baby's first name, how cute! Occasionally they also send you free airtime to the value of R10.00 when you interact and answer certain questions around the app and the development of your child. View more info on MomConnect.

Image - MomConnect

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