Johnson’s Baby Soft & Shiny Range

I’ve been using the Johnson’s Baby Soft & Shiny range for more than 6 months on Milania’s hair so it’s only fair that I write a proper review. All 3 products are infused with glycerine and specially formulated for tight curls and somewhat dry hair. Milania and mommy both feel a little chuffed that this range is the proud sponsor of the Doc McStuffens cartoon over on the Disney Junior channel. Almost like, see you have to let mommy comb your hair because look your hair products are on TV! Silly mommy. Ok, so here are my thoughts on the range:

1. Johnson’s Baby Soft & Shiny Shampoo

I love the soft and cuddly fragrance of this shampoo and along with the glycerine, it also contains Pro Vitamin B5, and other mineral oils that provides extra moisture for my baby’s dry hair and scalp. This product foams well and washes out easily and I also love the fact that a 190ml bottle lasts such a long time.

2. Johnson’s Baby Soft & Shiny Conditioner

Oh my, this amazing conditioner coats and lubricates Milania’s hair thereafter leaving it soft and shiny along with the same beautiful cuddly smell of the shampoo. I’m currently embracing my own naturally curly hair and admittedly I’ve been stealing little blobs of this conditioner for my own tresses, like some sort of a leave in treatment. And let me tell you, my hair always feels so amazingly soft. This is definitely my favorite product from the range.

3. Johnson’s Baby Easy Comb Spray

A little miracle worker this is. Since I’m always doing pleats on Milania’s hair I need something that adds extra moisture while acting as some kind of a detangler. If you use a lot it actually wets the hair a little but it’s never oily and over time I never see any yucky buildup of the product. It does exactly what it promises that being an easy comb spray. 

All these products are available from leading supermarkets and pharmacies in South Africa.

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