3 Steps To Awesome Blog Photos

You can’t get around visual communication and the importance thereof, without it you might as well throw in the towel right about now. The most common type which is photography play such a huge role in blogging and bloggers all over the world are upping their game by taking special creative styling and photography courses. However, if you know the basics it’s not so difficult to teach yourself. Practice makes perfect, right? Read on to see my recommended 3 steps to creating awesome blog photos.

1. Background

Many bloggers will agree that a good background can make or break a photo. In fact, a bad background is the number 1 reason why many potentially good images never see the light. So before you start taking pictures it’s important to find out if you can work with the scenery at hand. In terms of product shots for reviews and such, it’s key to work with a light background so that the lipstick, perfume or whatever it is that you’re promoting can stand and pop out. Marble is my longtime favourite, no wonder I’m using it all the time.

2. Lightning

Just like blogpost schedules, one should have a blogpost image schedule too, because of the lightning. Find a room in your home where you can create a setup that’s available whenever you need it, a room that gets loads of natural daylight. There’s a lot of amazing free photo editing tools out there, however, the goal should be about editing an already decent looking picture by just adding a little bright and sharpness. 

3. Positioning

As bloggers, we all should have a signature look. Over time your work should be easily recognisable in a good way obviously and not because you’ve become stuck in your approach. There’s nothing wrong with positioning and taking pictures a certain way but you should also be able to change it up. Always look for new ways to play around thereby finding different effects. Furthermore, know when to do a close-up, add a prop or keep it simple. 

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