4 Easy Ways To Manage Your Social Media

Social Media for your business shouldn’t give you constant, stressful headaches, it can and should be fun. You just need to be dedicated and consistent, the rest will follow. I’m sharing 4 easy ways to creatively manage your social media timelines.

1. Find the right platform.

If you have a creative business with products that display well in photo’s you should definitely create an Instagram account. You don’t need to be on every social media platform out there, pick those that will work best with what you have on offer and take it from there. 

2. Brand your business.

Make sure that you use the same headshot and logo updated with the same description and catchphrase of your business all over. Your branding should be easy to recognise. Furthermore, when you create marketing graphics you should always stick to a specific colour palette and font choice. When in doubt, keep it simple. 

3. Use pretty pictures. 

Here’s the fun part, taking pictures, playing around with props and making things beautiful. Take a closer look at product shots and the styling thereof in magazines and try to recreate the look. There’s a lot of inspiration to be found all around you and the internet has a wealth of free information so look out for online tutorials on brand styling and photography.

4. Get social.

Get your stuff out there, interact with new followers and reply to their questions and comments. Make use of free scheduling applications, they’re there to simplify your life. Do not get discouraged when you don’t see an immediate response to the posts you publish, social media takes a lot of strategy and time. Just keep at it, try to be so good that they can’t ignore you. Besides you have to remember that everybody’s online and if you’re not you won’t be seen. 

And then there's me… Please forgive the shameless self-promotion but I’m a certified Social Media Strategist and I’ve managed the social media timelines of Legs Eleven SA, Bay Harbour Market, Errol Arendz, Grande Lash SA, Fake Bake SA and many others. I know all about brand styling and photography as well as online copywriting. Contact me if you need more information and assistance.

Leave the name of your love project in the comment section, I love supporting creative small businesses and it would be great to connect.

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