4 Simple Rituals for a Happier Life

I love doing steadfast + consistent things that keep me afloat and on point. Things like going to church on a Sunday morning or deliciously scented bubble baths when I’m feeling a little meh. Small delightful things that revives my soul and that put a little bliss and add quality to my daily life. Here’s a list that you may find helpful and who knows maybe it’ll become your rituals too.

1. Keep a vision board.

Visual boards are awesome, it’s like those "to do" lists that you make in notebooks but just (like the name says) in a visual way. I shapes your brain to remember what is that want out of life. So, it’s my ritual to paste images of my likes, wants and needs (mostly wants) out of glossy magazines and thereafter looking at it on a daily basis. Daydreaming and visualizing the outcome, in short, manifesting on my desires.

2. Celebrate.

Celebrate the fact that you’ve made it through a tough week with a glass of your favorite cocktail. Bake a cake because you’ve managed to eat healthy the whole week. Put on your party dress because the sun is shining. Wear your brightest, boldest lipstick because it is Wednesday. Get the point? Find something to celebrate everyday if you can and remember it don’t have to cost a thing.

3. Try out new recipes.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money when you want to spoil your friends and loved ones, all you have to do is to learn how to be creative in the kitchen. If you want to host a Mexican party, learn how to make a few good dips and salsas alongside a few packets of crunchy Doritos. Then add some hot and spicy minced pizza downed with zesty margaritas and voila! You’ve nailed it! Make your own tiramisu, lasagna, seafood paella, whatever it is you crave. Purchase the ingredients, get your hands dirty and get excited about life.

4. Spoil yourself with flowers.

Try to purchase fresh flowers whenever your budget allows it and divide it into smaller bunches and little vases all around your home for a cheerful and welcoming effect. Alternatively you can try and find the most real looking fake flowers, they won’t be cheap but just think about how much you’ll save in the long run. In fact you can mix real and fake flowers (not in one vase, obviously) and be creatively cheeky by putting a scented candle next to a fabulous fake flower arrangement.

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