5 Random Things You Didn't Know About Me

I’m such a complex person, we all are. There’s just so many different layers of our personality, likes and dislikes and sometimes it all can be downright weird. Here’s a fun list of my quirks, see below.

1. I’m an ambivert.

After 3 decades on this earth I’ve finally realised that I’m not a total introvert, in fact I love going out to food markets and festivals where I can soak up on peoples energy (extroverts do this all the time) where after I would go home to recharge my own energy levels - if that makes sense. Point is I’m in-between, there are times when I want to be alone and other times I have the need to be around crowds.

2. I’m afraid of the dark.

Not much to say here. This must be a childhood fear that I never got over or maybe the numerous ghost stories I had to listen to in my life. Let’s just say there’s always some sort of nightlight in my room.

3. I can only read digital time.

Well I can read time from a normal clock but I first have to go like; 5, 10, 15 in my head and sometimes that seems to just take way too long, and then I get nervous. I would really like to wear beautiful wrist watches but I’m always afraid that someone will ask me the time.

4. I love eating cheap kiddie chips.

You know those really spicy, barbeque flavoured R1 packets of chips your little nieces and nephews always munch on? Those, ( like Cornachos, Bigga Naks, Crack a Snack) I love those. I’m sure they’re packed with unhealthy preservatives and colourings and that it’s totally bad for kiddies and adults alike, but you know what they really go down well, especially with an ice cold beer.

5. I’m a mild hoarder.

I really struggle with throwing things away, especially clothing, magazines, notebooks and all those random little knickknacks that takes away so much of your space. Broken jewellery that I still want to fix, empty toiletry containers that I still want to cut open and use. It’s nothing like those reality shows on TLC but the struggle is real.

So that’s it, I’ve spilt (some of) my guts, now it’s time for you to come clean. Leave a comment to share something you think is a little on the weird or silly side.

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