Baby Products from Dove, Purity and Clicks

Maybe I’ve said it before but (here it goes again) I’m constantly on the lookout for affordable yet quality beauty products for my little girl. With new technology comes better formulations right? So it’s not just about moving along from the one to the other product, it’s about seeking and trying out the best while sticking to old favourites. Like for instance, I absolutely love the Johnsons Gentle Protect range, that honey and rooibos smell is just heaven and the foaming action, lovely! 

However, recently Dove brought out a new baby range which I’ve been dying to try out, but because I’m situated in the tranquil Namaqualand new products and ranges usually end up a bit later on our shelves. But finally, I've discovered the entire range in my local Spar! So today I’m reviewing the Dove Baby Bar, aqueous lotion from Purity and sun spray lotion from Clicks.

1. Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Baby Aqueous Lotion

1 Year and 10 months old Milania constantly want to take a bath, I guess it’s because I’ve always made bath time fun with lots of toys and splashes just to get her in there in the first time. So with my purchase of the Purity Aqueous lotion, I was delighted that it smelled so amazing, you know that beautiful, cuddly baby smell. Like the original baby powder smell just creamier. 

It’s a rich and luxurious thick lotion not like some which are basically like perfumed water, a bit of a harsh description but I just hate how some lotions just totally disappears on your skin leaving just the smell of something that was once there. I believe that specifically on a baby’s skin, lotions should be slightly on the oilier side (yet non-greasy) to ensure soft and moisturized skin. The Purity & Elizabeth Anne’s Baby Aqueous Lotion does just that. It is consultant dermatologist and paediatrician approved and I paid a bargain price of R24.95 for it at Clicks because the nozzle was off. Yay!

2. Clicks Sun Protect Kids Spray Lotion

I basically live in one of the hottest areas of South Africa so I’ve bought Milania’s first ever sunscreen back in July. Don’t play with the winter sun, anyway it has a really high SPF of 50, it’s water-resistant and dermatologically approved. Specially formulated for younger skins, fragrance-free and also enriched with nourishing Vitamin E. I love the fact that it’s easily absorbed without leaving that thick, nasty residue on the skin. I found this at Clicks and paid around R50.00 for it.

3. Dove Baby Bar

Dear Dove, thank you so much for creating this beautiful beauty bar for babies. It’s so pretty and I’m sure a lot of moms and little ones all over the world adores it. After every bath a baby’s skin can lose moisture up to 5 times faster than ours, therefore it’s great to know that the Baby Dove Rich Moisture Bar, with their ¼ moisturizing cream, helps to replenish important nutrients to maintain natural moisture. This lovely soap bar is delicately scented, hypoallergenic and pH neutral. It is also dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested + paediatrically approved. At Spar for R12.95

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