The Beauty Desk: Gosh, Eylure + Woolworths

Want to know what’s new on my beauty desk? Then stay awhile and take a closer look. Today I’m featuring a beautiful shimmering nail polish, flirty eyelashes and argan hair oil from Gosh!

1. Gosh Argan Oil

Previously I’ve used and reviewed the coconut hair oil from Gosh, but because of all the rave these days around argan oil I decided to give it a try. First of all, it smells amazing! Earthy and luxurious, basically like perfume for your hair. It leaves my hair soft and shiny and like with most hair oils a little goes a long way. I’ve been using this product for over 5 weeks and I can definitely see the difference, before my hair was on the lifeless and brittle side where it now seems to be stronger and shinier. I purchased this hair oil at Edgars beauty counters for R155.00 

2. Eylure Katy Perry in Lovely Lolita

Oh my! I absolutely love these false eyelashes! They just look so real on you, well admittedly it was a real struggle at first to put on, but that’s just because I’m not used to wearing them. There’s a trick to applying this ( if you're a first-timer) and if you actually read the accompanying pamphlet which states that there’s trimming and waiting for the glue to get sticky involved you won’t have any hassle at all. 

I decided to give my mom a spoil by doing her makeup and I gave her these Lovely Lolita's to wear. We had a family gathering on that specific night and she received such beautiful compliments from my sister and her teenage daughter the entire night. Needless to say, my mom looked and felt amazing!

3. Woolworths Gel Nail Varnish in Metallic Champagne

With the festive season upon us this will definitely be one of my go to nail shades. Shimmery and sparkly, what more to you want? This one is such a pretty almost muted, glam metallic that I'm really into. Great quality in the product too, one coat is already enough in terms of coverage and on application it lasted a chip free 4 days. Purchased at Woolworths for R65.00

Image - My Own

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