2 Things Motherhood Taught Me Thus Far

My little girl will celebrate her 2nd birthday this coming January, I can’t believe it at times but it’s true. Like they say the days are long but the years are short. We’re past the baby milestones like walking, teething and eating on her own. It’s been such a beautiful journey and although I can’t see myself ever going through the pain of childbirth again, I’m extremely thankful I birthed my Milania. Here’s what motherhood taught me thus far.

1. I’m blessed.

I turned 31 the year I fell pregnant, meaning it was basically high time. That’s how I subconsciously planned it in my head, before that I was just not ready. I know my fellow perfectionists would agree that you’re actually never ready since you want everything to be perfect and just right. Study funds, 1st birthday party and cute bedroom all sorted and in place, well reality check! Sometimes it doesn’t work that way.

So it was really hurtful as you can imagine for someone with my mindset to have heard that some people in my circle assumed that I couldn’t have kids. That because I was a woman over 30 with no child there must’ve been problems with conception, not that I’ve just been very careful on whom I choose as a father for my child. On more than one occasion I’ve been put on the spot regarding my childlessness and it was truly painful to experience.

Therefore, I know that I’m blessed since I could’ve easily been one of those unfortunate women, yearning for a child. Because of this, childless women that actually want to be mothers ( because not all women want kids and that’s also ok) will always hold a special place in my heart, and as long as I live I’ll never put them on the spot or make them feel less than.

2. Everything will be ok.

Motherhood is overwhelming. You don’t have much time for yourself and you’re tired all the time. It’s a constant learning curve and there’s always a new milestone to overcome. By nighttime, you’re sometimes amazed that you’ve actually made it through the day, that your baby’s still alive and doing well. So here’s what I’ve learned, even though you try your utmost and give your best, you’ll sometimes feel that you’re not doing enough.

You’ll think about the missing baby wipes and the handful of Speckled Eggs you gave her to eat, just so that you could comb her hair and it will all feel like colossal failures on your part. Which is a lie! The fact that you’re present every day, taking care of your baby the best you know how. Also, the fact that you’re reading up and asking questions about the things you don’t know (let’s not even go into all the clashing advice out there) are all sure signs of the love and commitment you have for your little one.

Even though you sometimes doubt it, in the end, everything will be ok. With your love and attention, your baby will thrive and be happy. Even when life happens the knowledge of your unconditional love and guidance will be a steadfast anchor in their lives. That’s the best you can give, furthermore you just have to believe that no matter what happens, everything will be ok.

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