The Beauty Desk: Avon Dreams

Today I’m reviewing the feminine scented body lotion, body spray as well as the purse spray from Avon called Dreams. Most of Avon’s perfumes are all really top standard, although I must admit their staying power sometimes vary. Dreams is a lovely daytime scent with powerful notes of clearwood, rose and juicy plum. Whenever I’m wearing this fragrance I feel lighthearted, confident and sophisticated. It’s airy and carefree yet very seductive and classy. Does my overuse of descriptive words tell you that I’m really crazy about this scent? Good!

1. Dreams Body Lotion

The lotion comes in a beautifully packaged 150 ml elegant tub that easily fits into your handbag. It has a white creamy consistency and it really moisturizes my skin. I normally use perfumed lotions like this on top of my normal body creams. I only apply it on my hands and a bit on my forearms and not my entire body, although it says body lotion. The smell stays on my skin for a good amount of time, but I do slather ups throughout the day whenever I’m out and about. Retails for R72.90

2. Dreams Body Spray

This 75 ml bottle doesn’t disappoint as I get most of the scent from using it. I love that I get to smell it on myself throughout the day, admittedly the fragrance does get a little softer towards the end but I don’t mind that at all. Retails for R61.00

3. Dreams Purse Spray

The Dreams 10 ml EDP spray is that little bit of luxury every woman needs in her life, without breaking the bank. I only use this on special occasions when I need some extra confidence and pizazz and it really does the trick. Long-lasting and exquisite, what more do you need from a perfume? Retails for R120.00

Keep in mind that all Avon products are on sale throughout the year so you might get a good deal on this fragrance range.

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