The Beauty Desk: Essence, Avroy Shlain + Avon

As someone that needs help in the eyebrow department, I’ve been trying out my fair share of eyebrow enhancing products. Some products are too waxy, others too powdery, and then you get great pencils that are difficult to sharpen? Yes, that happens. Read on to see why I love the Essence eyebrow pencil, that and more goodies currently on my beauty desk.

1. Essence Designer Eyebrow Pencil

Eyebrows are tricky, you have to work according to the growth line of your own hair and you have to perfect the arch without going too much over the line. What I love about the Essence eyebrow pencil is that it’s light on application but buildable. Meaning that you can gradually work towards your desired effect. The creamy eyebrow pencil dries to give a natural finish and the handy application brush helps you blend the hairs to give you beautiful brows. I bought a brand new pencil about 2 weeks ago after I was left with a tiny little piece from my previous one that was well over 3 years I think. I still remember getting it from my late sister. It does last for ages and I was highly surprised that it was only R29.95 from Clicks when I checked the slip. What a bargain!

2. Avroy Shlain Colorful Moisturising Lipgloss in Hot Cocoa

I expected this lipgloss to be a little darker in colour as it appeared inside the Avroy Shlain brochure, but that happens and I’ve become really fond of it ever since. It does have a slightly sticky consistency which makes it really long-lasting. It is a sheer, light brown shade with a shimmery, glossy effect. You can apply more than one layer if you want a darker hue, I mostly use it when I’m going for the nude/no-makeup look. I paid R99.00 for it.

3. Avon Color Trend Nail Enamel in Limoncello + Juicy

I’ve always wanted to try out these two bright and summery shades. The yellow nail varnish (Limoncello) is so quirky and cute and I think the green shade (Juicy) goes well with the current tropical fashion trend that I love so much. You’ll receive glossy, smooth colour with just one coat but it’s obviously always best to apply two coats for a longer lasting effect. I’m a little disappointed that I only got 2 days wear out of it before it started to chip but it makes me feel a little better to know only paid R65.00 for the 2.

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