3 Rituals That Will Make 2018 Life Changing

During the festive season, I've been doing a lot of reading and soul searching, trying to figure out how I should live my life now that I'm a mother, married and getting older. I really want to treat 2018 with as much respect as I can, by that I mean honoring each day, eating healthy and basically just trying to be as open as I can be to receive and accept transformative information. That and a few other rituals that will make my 2018 life changing!

1. Eating Healthy

To me nutrition means having loads of fresh fruit and vegetables, mostly having big salads sprinkled with seeds and nuts. I’m also into giving superfoods like goji berries, macha powder and chia seeds a try. It’s not just about blindly following new trends but about making informative decisions. We live in a highly scientifically developed world so we should try out some of its findings.

I’ve also been trying to stick to the Blood Type diet and being Blood Type O I’ve seen the somewhat terrible effects of having too much orange juice, cheddar cheese, and beer can have on my system. Being Blood Type O and therefore having an acidic gut eating these products makes it even worse. The only perk is eating as many juicy steaks as my budget allows me to have due to the easy breakdown thereof. Otherwise, I constantly have to keep a watchful eye in terms of what I consume. 

I would also like to do more intentional Smart Fasting as it gives your gut a rest, allowing it to renew while also boosting your liver function, something I really need to look into as I’m developing an unhealthy dependence on alcohol. Let’s just say that this started after the tragic death of my sister. According to Smart Fasting breakfast (preferably) should be skipped where after you should have a heavier lunch and then have a lighter dinner.

2. Find Ikigai

Ikigai is the Japanese secret to a long and happy life and it’s all about finding little pleasures in your daily life. The Japanese believe that the sum of small joys in everyday life results in a more fulfilling life as a whole. Things like waking up to an indulgent shower gel or delicious overnight oats waiting for you in the fridge. 

Create constructive rituals like spending time in the garden or reading a nighttime devotional. Start small, take your time but do it consistently. Also, nurture relationships with your loved ones and show support towards your industry and blog community. Harmony and flow should be the end result.

In short, to find your Ikigai you should ask yourself 4 important questions. What do you love, what are you good at, what does the world need from you and lastly, what can you be paid for? If you struggle with this you should go back to your childhood and think back on what it was that you really enjoyed as a child. 

3. Practice Journaling

I started journaling from the moment I could write. Around 28 years ago my grandfather committed suicide and I wrote it down on a little piece of paper, for me it was a way to get this massive heartache out of my system. I couldn’t verbalize it but I could write it down and thereby let it out in the open. 

My grandfather was not just my mom’s dad, he was my dad too, he was the first father figure I knew (when I stayed with my grandparents while my mom finished her teacher's education) since my biological father has always been absent in some way. So the amount of heartache I felt ran deep. 

In fact, I’m only writing about this and my rather tragic life openly in order to break the silence and for my own soul to find peace. This is not a way of seeking attention or pity at all. In my quest to be a more authentic and genuine blogger this is just who I now choose to be, open and honest, and to me, this is more than a sad story, this is my life.

My mom and grandmother found the note and was furious, but instead of taking this opportunity to talk about it they just ignored the subject. It was 1991 so, even if want to I can’t really blame them and the ignorance of that time. Suicide was a taboo subject then, fuck it’s still a taboo subject today.

But then, like today journaling has always been a way for me to sort through the mental chaos and confusion where after I would try and make sense of it all. A way of reflecting on a goal and reporting on the outcome thereof. 

The other day the same grandfather who’ve committed suicide’s sister reminisced about her younger years. She spoke about how she and her siblings had to walk 7 miles to a farm school, barefoot. They had no schoolbooks, tuition only went up to Standard 4, it was during the draught, things were tuff but they never complained. Which made me think about my own privileged, almost spoiled lifestyle. 

I make me want to change my thought process and outlook on life. So I write it down and I ponder on it and it gives me a fresh perspective. Also as I brood over my privileged life I scribble down everything I’m really thankful for, which instill within me a positive disposition while it also lifts my energy levels. Thereby reducing stress and improving my mental and overall health. Thus making journaling a therapeutic and rejuvenating process. Something worth a try during 2018, don’t you think?

So, do you have plans, goals or rituals that you would like to implement during 2018? Of course you do, we all have. Please tell me about it in the comment section, I would like to pray and manifest around them with you so that they can take form in your life. Here’s wishing you an amazing and adventurous New Year! Shine bright darlings!

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