The Beauty Desk: Catrice Cosmetics & Ackermans

I absolutely love Catrice Cosmetics, especially their gorgeous eyeshadows! Imagine how thrilled I was when I received a free Glam and Smokey Eyeshadow Palette inside the December issue of Glamour Magazine. I also love the bright, matte lipstick from Ackermans, yes Ackermans that you’ll find at their new beauty counters. Read along to find out why I love these products, currently on my beauty desk.

1. Catrice Glam & Smokey Eyeshadow Palette

Thus far I’ve been applying this palette on my mom who wears glasses and let me tell you, she looks amazing with these darker shades applied to her eyelids. I really love that you can go darker or lighter depending on the look or mood you want to create. It goes from pearly white to shimmery silver and matte charcoals, where after it gets really dark. You cannot go wrong with these classic rock star shades as it will always be on trend. Thank you so much Glamour Magazine for this great palette. Currently R93.00 at Takealot.

2. Catrice Nail Varnish in Snow White’s Apple Bite

Another fabulous product from Catrice that’s a must-have is this vibrant shade of nail varnish called Snow White’s Apple Bite. You’ll get intense colour and shine from 2 layers and a top coat which makes it the perfect cocktail companion. I’ve only recently started to love and appreciate the power of red lips and nail varnish and I honestly feel that I’ve missed out all of my life on that sexy siren feeling that it evokes. Currently R51.00 at Takealot 

3. Be Fabulous Lipstick in Popping Pink

I basically stumbled upon this amazing formula of lip shade and I’m already bargaining to go back for the rest. I love the bright, popping shade of pink like the name suggests and I also love the fact that it’s a matte lipstick that doesn’t crack or dries up on your lips. I’ve bought expensive versions of matte lipsticks in the past that were really disappointing however, this one takes the cake and at only R29.99 a pop it’s a total steal! Expect beautiful, bright and moisturised lips that'll make you feel totally gorgeous!

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