L.A Girl Eye Lux Mesmerizing Eyeshadow Palette in Tropicalize

I love experimenting with different shades of eyeshadows and I almost always stay away from blueish shades. Which is such a huge mistake on my part, since they really tend to bring out and intensify the warmth of my brown eyes.

The L.A Girl Eye Lux Mesmerizing Eyeshadow Palette in Tropicalize was sent to me recently and I decided to pair it with a nude lip. In the pictures below you can see how my eyes just appear to pop with that beautiful hue of blue on it. Striking right!?

This palette comes in 4 colours, all equally beautiful and highly pigmented. Two lovely shades of blue and another two apricot/nude like hues.

I wear contact lenses and there’s no burning sensation or irritation at all and it last right throughout the day which is always a good thing. The packaging is compact and easy to open just like the rest of L.A Girl's high-quality beauty products. 

The nude shades look so good above the eye and on my brow bone, I love it! Very beautiful end result.

I plan to create many playful looks with this palette this summer and I know that I’ll receive a lot of compliments on it. You can purchase the L.A Girl Eye Lux Mesmerizing Eyeshadow Palette in Tropicalize for just R99.95 over at Dischem.

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Images - My Own

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