Social Media Blooms Re-brand: New Logo, Profile Picture and More

I’ve wanted to re-brand my blog for some time but with a busy toddler and everyday life, I just didn’t find the time to do that. I approached graphic designer Mignon Barry for just a logo but when she told me that she can create a whole corporate identity, I was really impressed as my mind never went that far. I’ve always wanted to create professionally done business cards for my blog but that’s about it.

Now, this is my first professionally done logo as the others were just the use of a font, the one from most recently is one that I’ve created on Canva. Nothing wrong with Canva as long as you stick to design principles, in which case if you’re not a professionally trained graphic designer, you most often miss the mark.

As you can see I’ve chosen a soft coral pink in the design because of its association with beauty, femininity and all the pretty things in life, and black, because this colour is always linked to style and sophistication. Which is the vibe I was going for.

Mignon wanted to include a facial graphic element and we’ve spent a lot of time defining it. I ended up going back and forth around the flower in my hair and I’m actually really happy about the whole cherry blossom, eastern outcome.

I’ve chosen the font Alien League for its contemporary, modern look and Shoreline Script Bold for its pretty handwritten features. There’s a lot of similarities with my previous and newly created logo, it’s clear that I love structure which is why I’ve picked a frame again, softened by a cute little heart. 

Part of the re-branding also includes a creative cartoonish profile picture of myself that I will be using on my blog and over on all my other social media platforms. Overall I’m happy and satisfied, creating a logo with a professional graphic designer takes a lot of creative energy from both parties. I now also have a great email signature, letterhead and fab looking business cards along with my logo and profile pic.

You have to be able to verbalise what it is that you’re after to get the best results and if you and the designer don’t have the same vision it can become a little frustrating and tiring after a while. I plan to really take off in the New Year, I want to work on my photography skills and I really want to spend more time creating great content.

This year I’ve spent a lot of time on further education, I’m so happy that I got the time for this little re-brand and I’m looking forward to other new and exciting things. Hope you’ll continue to share this journey with me.

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