Clere Radiance 5 Oils Body Oil

Today I’m reviewing the Clere Radiance 5 Oils Body Oil which consists of a 5 oil blend of Olive Oil to help unclog pores, Castor Oil to remove impurities as well as Coconut Oil to soften the skin. There’s also Argan Oil to hydrate and lastly, Magnolia Oil to help minimise the appearance of stretch marks. 

The Clere Radiance 5 Oils Body Oil also contains Pure Glycerine, Vitamin A and E and Super Fruit Serum with anti-oxidants to nourish and moisturise the skin. 

I adore the prominent smell of the rich, earthy Argan Oil in this blend, there’s something very luxurious about it. Apart from smelling really expensive, the oil absorbs well into the skin too and it’s not greasy at all.

I’ve used it all over my body, hands and even face too without any irritation at all. I have some stretch marks on my tummy, they don’t really bother me but I’ve been applying generous amounts on that area. Hopefully in time, they’ll fade a little but for now, I have not seen that much of a difference.

However, I’ll continue using this product as it is really fuss-free and great for busy moms and women on the go. Clere really impressed me with this body oil and all the effort that went into it, something that’s high quality at a really affordable price

My skin feels silky and soft, it’s great to use after a bath at night allowing the oils to regenerate your skin throughout the night but it’s equally amazing with early showers where you can just slather on the oil - without worrying about white residue like with some body lotions. Also, the amazing lavish scent will make you feel really confident. Available at Clicks for R62,99   

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