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Today I’m very proud to showcase a health & beauty brand that’s based in the beautiful Namaqualand, the place I call home. A brand called Namaqua Pride, situated in Okiep a charming little town where honor and mindfulness matters. Namaqua Pride produces the most amazing beauty bars, body and hair care products made from Kraalbos and other specially selected natural ingredients. I'm going to tell you more about 3 of these great products but first, let's look into what Kraalbos can do for you...

What is Kraalbos?

"Robert Richards owner of the Namaqua Pride range has turned an invasive bush into a profitable health & beauty product business. Once considered a problem, Galenia Africana, or Kraalbos as it is known in Namaqualand, has turned out to be a super shrub. This lime green, medium-sized pioneer plant is not only a “nursing” plant that shelters the seedlings of perennials on degraded land, but it is also packed with healing properties that can help treat many skin problems.

This shrub is now one of the main ingredients for Robert’s health & beauty products. He learned about the plant’s healing properties through word of mouth from a long line of his indigenous descendants which was later confirmed through various scientific studies. Studies that prove that the Kraalbos plant indeed has antifungal qualities beneficial for skin ailments such as psoriasis, eczema and even dandruff." source 

1. Kraalbos Soap Bar

This is a lovely 100 g glycerin soap that I’ve been using on my face for over 6 weeks now. It foams up nicely leaving my skin squeaky clean but without drying it out at all. My skin tone appears beautifully brighter and my pores seems a lot smaller. I've also dealt with sunburn during a few hot days in the sun and this bar of soap allowed for a cooling effect that was exceptionally soothing to my fragile skin.

I don’t have problems with acne but I believe this soap may also sooth and help heal those that do have issues with breakouts. People noticed that my skin looked better and complimented me on it so I will definitely keep this beauty bar within my skincare routine. 

2. Kraalbos Shampoo

I’ve been doing a lot of things with my hair lately and it mostly turned out great. However, a few weeks ago I applied a blond hair dye to my crop because I wanted to go back to my natural golden brown hair colour.

To keep a long story short, my scalp was mildly burned by the mixture and it left me with a stinging sensation all over my head, I was honestly scared of losing my hair. I then remembered about the Kraalbos Shampoo and wow, what a relieve! Once again it cooled and soothed my scalp and helped with the healing process.

Apart from that, it also takes out buildup grease brilliantly and gives my hair a lovely shiny and bouncy appearance. I don’t struggle with dandruff but if you do, this shampoo is worth a try, in fact, anyone that have some scalp issues should give this shampoo a test run. 

3. Milk & Honey Cream 

Namaqua Pride recently added a Milk & Honey Cream to their expanding range of organic health & beauty products and I’ve been using it as a night cream. Overall, since using it my face appears even toned and blemish free.

The consistency is rich and thick like a body butter and it leaves my skin super soft yet not greasy at all. A little goes a long way and it smells absolutely divine, think wild honey and fresh milk. Just wholesome and comforting. 

The Namaqua Pride range is really affordable and they are stocked in a few local stores in our area – for more information and orders please contact Robert Richards at 074 349 0868 or at

These products were sponsored to me but all thoughts and review are my own.

Images - My Own. Apart from the logo on top. 

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