Natuurlik Pragtig Handmade Beauty & Skincare Range

Today I'm reviewing South African Handmade Beauty & Skincare range called Natuurlik Pragtiga brand known for its high-quality, natural and handmade products made from lovely locally-sourced ingredients. Natuurlik Pragtig believes that every woman should look and feel beautiful within their own skin and their goal is to boost women's confidence by providing them with the best. Natural, handmade beauty and skincare products that effortlessly fit into their daily routines.  

1. Natuurlik Pragtig Love Bath Bomb 

This bath bomb is made with lovely natural products such as Bicarbonate of Soda, Kaolin Clay, detoxifying Epsom Salt and moisturizing Cocoa Butter. My bathroom turns into a private spa, a therapeutic sanctuary when I allow this bath bomb to foam up and fizz away. The infused essential oils such as Jasmine, Clary Sage and Ylang Ylang allows my body and mind to relax and I feel totally rejuvenated thereafter. I wouldn’t mind for my little home to smell this way all the time, it’s very comforting. 

Apart from making my bathwater really pretty, it’s also very soothing and it left my skin feeling really beautiful and velvety soft.  

2. Natuurlik Pragtig Harmony Sugar Scrub 

I love the gourmand smell of this beautiful sugar scrub, it’s like a dessert in a tub! Made from Coconut and Olive Oil and infused with invigorating Coffee Grounds and Vanilla. You can use a generous amount on all the dryer parts of your body like your heels, knees and elbows - but be sure to massage this product into your skin in a gentle way. You don’t when to bruise yourself, remember it is a scrub.

I feel really energized whenever I use this Coffee infused scrub, so it is perfect for early morning showers or when you have plans for the night. I also received a sample of the Natuurlik Pragtig Harmony Body & Hand Lotion (not included in pictures) and OMG, that same delicious gourmand smell! Made with nourishing Shea and Cocoa Butter as well as Coconut Oil and Glycerin. It is very moisturizing and really great after a hot bath on your whole body or throughout the day just on your hands. 

3. Natuurlik Pragtig Adore Face Mask 

This little pot of magic with the appearance of delicious melted chocolate is another one of my favorites from the Natuurlik Pragtig natural, handmade beauty + skincare range. Made with Glycerin, Coconut Oil, Kaolin Clay and real Cocoa Powder. Along with yummy Honey and Vanilla Essential Oil. 

This mask is best applied on wet, clean skin where after I leave it on for about 10 to 15 minutes. I absolutely adore the delightful chocolaty smell of it. I haven’t experienced any irritation and I’ve noticed that by the 4th application that my skin appears a whole lot clearer and brighter. It also does not dries out my skin, it just feels really clean and pampered. 

4. Natuurlik Pragtig Adore Lip Balm 

Another little magic pot! The Natuurlik Pragtig Adore Lip Balm, made with Coconut and Almond Oil as well as uplifting Peppermint Oil, Beeswax and real Dark Chocolate. It tints my lips in a natural caramel hue ever so slightly and I love how it moisturizes my lips along with that pleasant, refreshing zing of the Peppermint Oil.

I didn’t experience any irritation or burning sensation and I did not notice any flakes at all. And with the use of Beeswax, I know that this product will last me a very long time as there’s not even a sign of a dent. That’s what I call value for money. 

5. Natuurlik Pragtig Happy Body & Hand Lotion 

The Natuurlik Pragtig Body & Hand Lotion is very uplifting and reminds me of having a delicious brunch in a sunny garden, which to me is the epitome of being happy. The beautiful essentials oils used here are zesty Lemongrass, Geranium and Bergamot along with Shea and Cocoa Butter as well as Coconut Oil and Glycerin. Once again this formulation is super moisturizing with a sharp yet comforting smell that’s reminiscent of joyful, sunshiny days.

For more information on this lovely range visit the Natuurlik Pragtig website, also check out their pricelist and current sales. All fragrance profiles are available in a Bath Bomb, Hand & Body Lotion, Sugar Scrub, Clay Face Mask, Lip Balm and more.

Products sponsored by Natuurlik Pragtig but thoughts and review are my own.

Images - My own

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